In November 1974, Jacqueline and I took a large step of faith, first to accept the calling into the ministry and secondly, to establish a New Testament church in the Los Angeles area. The vision of Love, Peace and Happiness Family Church that the Lord gave us was to a family church committed to evangelism, teaching and the integrity of God’s Word and discipling the believer to maturity in Christ.

God has honored that faith, and today, Love, Peace and Happiness Family is a well-respected, vibrant congregation in our city. I am very pleased with the spiritual foundation that has been laid and the dedicated people who have given their time, talent and resources for the body of Christ.

Yet, I believe that these past few years have only been the beginning of what the Lord has planned for us. We’re entering into some of the exciting days of our church’s history. Together, we stand on the verge of accomplishing something big for the glory of God in the city of Downey and Rialto.

I believe the Love, Peace and Happiness Family Church is at a crossroad. The decision that we make about our participation in Kingdom Advancement could mean that the harvest is either ripe or left in the field (Rev. 14:15, John 4:35, 36).

The Lord is calling out people who will dare to believe and accomplish BIG things for the Kingdom of God. I believe the body of Love, Peace and Happiness Family is that kind of people.

As Pastor, I will be praying for you daily concerning your participation in Kingdom advancement. I am looking forward to the good things that the Lord has in store for us. Let us enter into this challenge prayerfully and with enthusiasm, knowing that “we can do all things through Christ which strengthens us“.