The Living Word Bible Institute is pleased and excited to present an opportunity for you to earn a diploma in Biblical Studies!

Statement of PurposeIt is the endeavor of the Living Word Bible Institute to build people of power, integrity, and character; joined with these character traits is also a working knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and the ability to teach others. There is an emphasis placed on teaching sound Biblical doctrine. Upon leaving this institution, each student will not be moved by the heresy and apostasy that plagues our world today.

The Bible becomes the most fascinating book in all the world- when we understand it! Won’t you join us, so that we can study together?

The Living Word Bible Institute presents a structured 3-year diploma program in which our enrolled students will learn from 36 prominent scholars who have taught at some of the most famous Bible colleges, seminaries and universities. Our instructors are born-again, academically trained, and Holy Ghost filled individuals who possess a godly character. Each one will ignite you with spiritual fervor.

During this 3-year program, the students complete a total of 19 courses,taking two courses per semester; each semester lasts between 10-13 weeks. Students’ weekly lesson preparation includes reading and listening to the lectures at home and in-depth discussion in a classroom setting.

Beginning in Genesis, we will journey through the bible to make treasured discoveries concerning:

                God’s Message, Significant Bible Events               

                God’s Dealings with Individuals, Families, and Nations

                Travel with Christ- learn His Truth and His Teachings

Courses include: Old & New Testament Studies, Great Doctrines of the Christian Faith, Life of Christ, Personal Evangelism, Biblical Prophecy and Church History.

The Living Word Bible Institute is conveniently located in the city of Downey and Los Angeles, right on the church grounds. The college is open to everyone, members and friends.

You can complete your biblical diploma by attending only one class a week, which is on Saturdays in Los Angeles from 10 am-12:00 noon which includes lab.  We encourage you to come out and audit a class (one only) and see for yourself the type of curriculum we provide. After witnessing the move of God in the class, we are confident that you will be more than happy to enroll and complete the diploma program at the Living Word Bible Institute.

We look forward to serving you!